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Player you're reporting IGN: 121homybro + 101k

Reason: Homophobia


9 days ago

mikeo831 fly hacking

Player you're reporting IGN: mikeo831

Reason: Fly hacks


10 days ago

Request Thread

Faction name: Apache


Player 1: zac0403

Player 2: TahPie

Player 3: OGSmithy

12 days ago

Reformed Recruitment

Is using a hacked client required to join Reformed or is it just reccomended?

25 days ago

3 day ban?

ign: zac0403

Reason: Homophobic chat

Why I should be unbanned:

"A three day ban for a chat infraction by making a gay joke when im gay myself? Really?"

I will refrain from joining in on homophobic chat in the future. Public chat on the server is no place to make nasty jokes.

26 days ago

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