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creamsicle123's Ban Appeal

In game name: creamsicle123
Reason Banned: Hacked Client

What will you do to fix the issue? I've gone ahead and uninstalled the client I was using. 

Why do you think you deserve to be unbanned? While I certainly admit having a hacked client at the time I took the screenshot, I do believe I deserve as second chance. I've only been playing on here for three days and have enjoyed my time here thus far. I feel like this server has a lot of potential, and I want to be here to see that growth in the future. I understand hacks are toxic for any server environment, so I plan on never hacking again. Ultimately, I want a second chance because I want to continue to be able to support this server, both financially and by being an active member of the community. I don't normally use hacks nor do I plan on using them again in the future. Thank you for the consideration. 

18 days ago

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