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5 days ago

Request Thread

Faction Name: TBD


3 Players receiving pickaxes:


- Player1 VKwarrior

-Player2: Sik_Skillz

-Player3: Illumanati_ 

12 days ago

VKwarrior's ban appeal

In game name: VKwarrior
Reason Banned:  [spartan] hacked client 

What will you do to fix the issue? i'm not too sure what the issue was in the first place? I was pvping with my faction members, then after we smoked all the kids we were pvping we all got banned. I'm not too sure if this was a banned by association case, but I was freshly tp'd in for the purpose of pvping. that's the only thing that happened, so if you thought there was pvp hacks going on in that fight, ur sadly mistaken.
Why do you think you deserve to be unbanned? because I don't believe there is enough solid evidence to prove I did anything wrong? you can also check the logs to confirm I put a period and # in the chat, something someone with a hacked client wouldn't be able to do.

thanks for reading,

urs truly,




25 days ago

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