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hey man, I appreciate you giving me a second chance but I just wanted to let you know I hadn't actually been unbanned from the server, cheers.
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about 1 month ago
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1.8.8 - Server Reset! Ban wipe!




  • Better TNT & PvP mechanics
  • New spawn!
  • New economy
  • Same unique class system


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11 days ago

Request Thread

To assist with building new bases on this reset, all factions will be receiving up to 3 trench pickaxes. Please make your claims here! Only claims from this forum will be accepted.


One request per faction please! Coordinate with your members.


Please reply to this thread with the following info:

Faction Name:

3 Players receiving pickaxes:

- Player1

- Player2

- Player3

12 days ago

16 days ago

_DrinkBleach_ hacking

Banned. Ty for posting here.

16 days ago

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