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_DrinkBleach_ hacking



We also tested depth strider in creative mode and it made no difference to the height jumped.

3 months ago

_DrinkBleach_ hacking

Player you're reporting IGN: _DrinkBleach_
Reason: Jetpack / Flight hacks of some form


3 months ago

TwerkSquad Recruitment Post



Please join our discord:

3 months ago

Reformed Recruitment

^^ i'd like to know also

3 months ago

TwerkSquad Recruitment Post

Hello, i am recruiting for TwerkSquad. If you'd like to join then please fill out the following questions:



Previous SR / Factions Experience:


Why you should join TwerkSquad?:

What can you contribute to the faction?:

Do you have Discord / Mic?:


Why should we accept you into our faction over anyone else?:





3 months ago

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